Stress variation of conjugated verbs in Russian: Evidence from the Integrated Database of the Real Grammar project




Russian language, database, accent, accent types, verb, variation


The article presents a comparative analysis of two main approaches to the definition of stress types of conjugated Russian verbs. The variation of stress types is clearly revealed in the Integrated Database of the Real Grammar project, which demonstrates an innovative approach to the system/structural paradigm of modern Russian linguistics. The Database was compiled using the data from two fundamental studies, namely, the Grammar Dictionary by A. A. Zaliznyak and a two-volume academic publication — A Russian Grammar — edited by Yu. N. Shvedova. The Database takes into account such parameters as spelling variability, irregular word forms, variants of phonemic composition indices, and an important phonetic characteristic — the variability of word stress (stress types). The article analyses stress from the perspective of speech in order to determine the language standard and choose the most popular pronunciation of the word. A Russian Grammar identifies four accent types of Russian conjugated verbs: A, B, C, and D. These accent types are compared with the stress characteristics laid down by Zaliznyak in the verb indexes. Zaliznyak’s gradations are bigger in number than those identified in A Russian Grammar. The article provides a summary table based on the data from the Grammar Dictionary and A Russian Grammar. The Database of the Real Grammar project is based on authoritative sources. It is continuously replenished with information about various parts of speech of the Russian language. Hence, it is a unique resource that provides numerous opportunities for linguists interested in various aspects of language history, grammar, morphology, phonetics, phonology, etc. The general patterns, as well as the particular cases of verb variation, which are actually typical for verbs that are not included in the Database, lay the foundation for further research in Russian verbs.



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